The Center for Social Research of Sumy State University undertook a study, “Needs Analysis of Sumy Region Residents,” conducted on April 4-17, 2022.

The research aims to conduct a rapid assessment of people’s needs in the Sumy region with the subsequent development of recommendations for programs on operational meeting the vulnerable groups’ needs through humanitarian assistance, suggestions for the system of providing social services, and local programs for the Sumy region recovery. 

This report is the first step in assessing the needs of the Sumy region residents. According to the full-range research activity results, Sumy RMA (Regional Military Administration) and TC (Territorial Community) leadership will receive operational data on the structure and needs of the population. Implementing the measures will enhance the social resilience of the territorial communities, as it will provide for a participatory principle of developing recommendations.

Three hundred ninety-four civilians were surveyed online, including 69% of women and 31% of men not involved in military service and combat operations. 70.4% of respondents live in the towns of the Sumy region and other regions of Ukraine; 20.4% – live in villages; 1.4% – in remote villages of the community; 7.8% – have left for abroad.

The study covers different groups of needs (physiological, security, and employment needs), access to services (humanitarian aid, financial aid, employment, education, medical and psychological assistance, home care, childcare, legal and information support), as well as public activity status after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The team of the Center for Social Research of Sumy State University was involved in the study: Andriana Kostenko (Head of the Study, Doctor of Political Science); Nina Svitailo (Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor); Olena Kupenko (Doctor of Pedagogical Science); Krystyna Sakhno (CSR Specialist), Anna Yevseyeva (CSR Specialist).